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Q.1    About ALLEN Champ 2023 ?

ALLEN Champ is Champion’s Honor And Mentoring Program. It is an initiative taken by ALLEN Career Institute Pvt. Ltd. for best brains of the nation who are recognized across the globe for being a WINNER of any Prestigious Examination / Event / Olympiad organized at National / International level.

Q.2   Why are the examinations mentioned in the eligibility criteria classified into different groups?
  • Under the eligibility criteria, similar category exams are clubbed together in a single group and further into sub groups, and in a particular group, only 1 best performance per year of the student will be taken into consideration (irrespective of the number of exams he/she has attempted in that group per year). In each group, examinations will be shown in a weight age wise descending order (International, National and State). The Top most sub group has the highest weightage (A>B>C). The Candidate may have a minor advantage if they have an upper rank in a particular exam in a particular group.

Q.3   How will a Student benefit from ALLEN Champ?
  • Early exposure to competitive world which the students will be facing in future.
  • Step-up Cash Rewards.
  • Gold & Silver medals and many more.
  • Dedicated Support Desk.
  • Regular updates and alerts to champs as per their profile.
  • Mentoring by the ALLEN's Experts and the Chief Guests/ Guest of Honour (great Indian personalities) of the event.
  • Exchange of thoughts with best brains of the nation.
Q.4   What is the last date for registration?
Ans.   31st March 2023
Q.5   How much is the registration fee for ALLEN Champ 2023?
Ans.   There is no fee for the registration. It is totally free and online.
Q.6   What is Champion’s Day?

Champion’s Day is the special name given to the Honoring & Rewarding Ceremony of ALLEN Champ which is organized at Kota after the declaration of results.  An activity for final ranking is conducted on Champion’s Day to evaluate the overall personality of the students for deciding the Final Ranks 1 to 10 (in each class). The jury which evaluates the students comprises of eminent personalities from the society.

Q.7   Who will qualify for Champion’s Day?

To qualify for Champion’s Day, 10 best student profiles from each class are shortlisted on the basis of highest scores which they would be given according to the examinations they nominate themselves in. Every exam mentioned in the eligibility criteria is given a certain weightage based on its Level of Conduction, Level of Difficulty, Assessment Criteria and No. of Students Participating

Q.8   From where Can I get the selection notice?
Ans.   We will notify you after 30th June 2023
Q.9   Is it compulsory for me to take admission in ALLEN Career Institute for getting Rewards though ALLEN Champ 2023 ?
Ans.   No, It is not compulsory to take admission in ALLEN Career Institute as rewards of ALLEN Champ 2023 are not linked with admission process.